Passion and technology in perfect equilibrium

Finding the finest coffee is not the end of our journey, but a new starting point.
Because transforming the green coffee into an excellent blend requires expertise, technology and production processes at the very highest level.

Our new production plant, which entered service in 2012, features an innovative clean air roasting process that avoids any contact between the combustion gases and the coffee beans.

The components in all our blends are roasted separately and exclusively air-cooled.

Before packaging, all our products are passed through a screen to remove any broken beans.

After packaging, our coffee remains in the warehouse (which complies with the latest European sanitary and safety regulations) only for the time needed to organise shipment and so ensure maximum freshness when it reaches our customers.

In addition, a photovoltaic power generation plant ensures that production is entirely self-sufficient and has the least possible impact on the environment.

la trasformazione

Every stage of production is performed or supervised by our people, because only they have the ability to “seize the moment” and understand when the beans have been roasted to perfection. It is a sensibility that no machine will ever have, no matter how technologically advanced.