Arcaffé History

Our story was written by pirates

Our story began many years ago when, early in the seventeenth century, the first coffee arrived in Europe on a ship that unloaded its precious cargo in Livorno. It was a pirate ship and the coffee had been plundered in Turkey, where it was already a daily pleasure.

This chance event found fertile soil in the natural trading vocation of a city which has always been a crossroads of goods, travellers and cultures.

It was against this backdrop that in 1895, brothers Antonio and Luigi Meschini began their first business: a small shop selling spices, spirits and coffee from Latin America and Yemen.

The coffee they roasted and blended with passion and expertise was distributed to the city’s most popular coffee shops. One of them was the Bar Roma, for which they created a special blend in 1926. Its ingredients have remained almost identical for nearly a century and it continues to be one of the company’s best-loved products today.

Since then our journey has never stopped.

The shop has become a business, the people have become expertise and know-how, and the trade has become international, but the passion has remained the same pure, authentic passion of our forebears.

Arcaffè today

Arcaffè is now a well organised company able to combine a long term experience and a modern proactive approach.Throughout the years, Arcaffè has developed complex projects in different international scenarios from North America to Europe and Far East passing through Middle East with the same philosophy: producing and supplying Excellence.

Bar Romainfo-bar-roma