arabica 100%



Complex & Sweet

This top quality blend has been produced without interruption since 1926 (apart from the war years). It takes its name from a famous cafe in Livorno for which it was specially created.

It is a mild blend of fine wet and dry processed arabica coffees. Its components are similar to those used in the Mokacrema blend, with the addition of wet processed Indian and dry processed Brazilian coffees.
The blend produces a complete espresso coffee with a smooth and pleasing aroma of cocoa and caramel. It is extremely fragrant in the cup, with a full, velvety body and an aftertaste of mild tobacco.

This blend contains only coffee certified by the “CSC® – Certified Specialty Coffees Association” and is guaranteed by a numbered anti-counterfeiting label on all packaging.

Bags dimensions and pallet layout

Coffee Beans 
packages weight
Units per carton 20 12 6
Carton dimensions
(LxWxH) in cm
38x29,5x22 37x21,5x30 29x26x33 
Pallet configuration
(carton x layers)
8 10 12
Layers 8 6 5


arabica 100%
  • Guatemala, Finca El Hato Blue
  • Ethiopia, Sidamo special selection
  • El Salvador, Finca San Luis
  • Brazil washed, Fazenda Lagoa do Morro
  • India, Vellakadai estate
  • Brazil natural, Fazenda Samambaia