Perù, Cace Alto Palomar

Cace Alto Palomar

Perù HG, Chanchamayo

The Amazon River basin in Peru is the production area of a coffee that is as excellent as it is little known. Its lack of fame is probably also due to transportation problems and to the critical political situation in the area over the last twenty or so years, with the Sendero luminoso terrorist group preventing cooperatives of small producers, such as Alto Palomar with more that 100 producers, from working in tranquility.

This coffee is grown in the shade of undergrowth in which species native to the region predominate, so ensuring the maintenance and regeneration of indigenous biodiversity.

The coffee is harvested completely by hand.

The finca produces organic coffee and belongs to the Fairtrade organization; the estate is certified by CSC (Certified Specialty Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

It has a remarkable personality and a sweet character, with delicate acidity, a round body, and notes of honey and toasted almonds: the cocoa smell is easy to perceive in the aftertaste.

Technical description

GROWER CACE (Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Ecologica) “ALTO PALOMAR”
ORIGIN Perù, Dept. Junin, Chanchamayo province,  San Luís de Shuaro District
AREA Chanchamayo
QUALITY HG (High Grown), screen 18
VARIETY Caturra (55%), Typica (30%), Various (15%)
ALTITUDE from 1.200 to 1.800 m
PROCESSING fully washed
DRYING oven dried 
HARVEST from April to July

Perù HG, Chanchamayo
Name: Alto Palomar


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