The search for quality

Every coffee is unique, like the land on which it grows.

Mild and full-bodied from Lagoa do Morro in Brazil; smooth and round from San Luis in Salvador; elegant and fragrant from Sidamo in Ethiopia; acidic and aromatic from Guatemala.

What drives us to travel is our love of knowledge. It is our desire to learn to recognise the finest varieties, to judge when the coffee cherries are perfectly ripe and to see with our own eyes how much care is taken over the wet and dry processes.

That is why we travel the length and breadth of the state of Bahia in Brazil to visit the Chapada Diamantina and Cerrado Bahiano estates, why we climb the slopes of the Cuchumatanes mountains in Guatemala to reach the Mayan pueblos of Todos Santos, and why we ride on ramshackle minibuses down dusty roads in Karnataka in south-western India.

It is not a desire for adventure, but an inner need.

The desire to find out everything there is to know about coffee, and to transform this knowledge into absolute quality.

La ricerca della qualità

In the photograph above, Enrico Meschini teaches a cleaner how to choose the finest coffee cherries. Below: photographs of life on various coffee estates. 

La ricerca della qualità