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India, Vellakadai Estate

Vellakadai Estate

India Plantation A, Shevaroys Hills

Ramesh Raja is an important coffee exporter, but one who hasn’t lost his passion for green coffee growing (either Robusta or Arabica). The estate is owned by his family, who have devoted their lives to coffee for the last 50 years and have their own curing works in the city of Salem.

Vellakadai estate fills the entire top section of one of the main hills in the Shevaroys range. Here, the shade provided by the lush jungle, populated by various species of Granilea, protects the coffee trees.

This estate is certified by CSC (Certified Specialty Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

This complete coffee is clean in the mouth and always pleasant, with a firm body and an aromatic cocoa taste. It is sweet and has low acidity, making it excellent to drink alone or as a base for superior quality espresso blends.

Technical description

GROWER Ramesh Export PVT
AREA Shevaroys Hills, Tamil Nadu state
QUALITY Plantation A
VARIETY Selection 795 (65%), Selection 9 (20%), Kent and others
ALTITUDE 1.300-1.600 m
PROCESSING fully washed
DRYING sun-dried on brick patio
HARVEST December-January

India Plantation A, Shevaroys Hills
Name: Vellakadai estate