Guatemala, Finca el Hato Blue

Finca el Hato Blue

Guatemala SHB, Santa Rosa

After leaving Guatemala City on the road to Salvador, travellers can admire the volcanoes in the central Guatemalan Cordillera. Among them, the Pacaya volcano stands out because of its size and the persistent plumes of smoke that rise from it.

Immediately after this lies the region of Santa Rosa, with its harmonious highlands and wooded hills.

Our El Hato is produced in this area, on the Finca El Hato Blue, in the midst of a huge nursery of multicolored orchids. It is a washed and sun-dried coffee from an estate that is not very high in altitude (1,200-1,450 m).

This finca is certified by CSC (Certified Specialty Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

Many Italian cuppers agree that this is a special Guatemalan coffee for espresso. It has a desirable cup and is sweet, with pleasant aromatic acidity. Rounded and not aggressive in the mouth, chocolate and tobacco notes can be distinguished in the aftertaste.

Technical description

GROWER Empresa Agricola El Hato SA
ORIGIN Guatemala
AREA Santa Rosa

SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)

VARIETY Caturra (60%), Bourbon (30%), Red Catuaì (10%)
ALTITUDE 1.200-1.450 m
DRYING sundried
HARVEST December-February

Guatemala SHB, Santa Rosa
Estate name: El Hato Blue