arabica 85% - robusta 75%



Balanced & Intense

This blend is named after an island in the Tuscan Archipelago which lies about 19 miles off the port of Livorno.
Containing 85% Coffea arabica and 15% Coffea canephora (robusta), it is produced for people who prefer a stronger flavour.

We have selected two different types of arabica coffee, both grown in Brazil but processed using different methods (wet: washed coffee; and dry: natural coffee). The other components in this blend are two wet processed Indian coffees: arabica Plantation A and robusta Parchment AB, both specially selected “for” and “by” CSC®.

This very well-balanced, full-bodied coffee, with light acidity and a singular spicy aroma, has an intense flavour resulting in a pleasing and persistent licorice aftertaste.

This blend contains only coffee certified by the “CSC® – Certified Specialty Coffees Association” and is guaranteed by a numbered anti-counterfeiting label on all packaging.

Bags dimensions and pallet layout

Coffee Beans 
packages weight
Units per carton  20
12 6
Carton dimensions
(LxWxH) in cm
29x26x33 37x21,5x30 38x29,5x22
Pallet configuration
(carton x layers)
8 10 12
Layers 8 6 5


arabica 85% robusta 15%
  • Brazil washed, Fazenda Lagoa do Morro
  • India, Vellakadai estate
  • Brazil natural, Fazenda Samambaia
  • India robusta, Manamboli estate