Ethiopia, Sidamo GR.2, CMI

SIDAMO GR.2, CMI (Caffè Meschini I)

Ethiopia, Sidamo

This cannot be considered an estate coffee in the strict sense of the term, because in Ethiopia there are only a few very large estates. In the Sidamo (or Sidama) region, in the South of the country, two very famous coffees are produced: Sidamo in the northern part, around the city of Yrgalem, and Yrgacheffe in the southern part, around the city of Yrgacheffe. These two coffees are referred to as “garden coffees”, because all the producers are very small and deliver their entire, limited production (the quantity that can be produced in a garden!) to “washing stations”, which process the coffee (wet process only) and send it wrapped in parchment to daily auctions organised by the government, where exporters must select and buy the coffees they need.

Abdullah Bagersh is the owner of the washing station where our special and personal selection of coffee, named Sidamo gr.2 CMI, is produced. He represents the third generation of a Yemenite family involved in coffee. He is a very good cupper who loves his work. Since we first met in 2004, we have established a great relationship of mutual respect. Our quite unique Sidamo CMI, which is the result of our cupping sessions and discussions, is certified by CSC (Certified Specialty Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

If drunk alone, its complex and remarkably accentuated flavours are a delight for the palate. The special characteristics of this coffee are its strong flowery and delicate citrus aromas, followed by notes of honey, when properly brewed as espresso. Its acidity is not too strong and, when blended with other coffees, even in small quantities, it gives the blend its own peculiarities and enhances its nobility.

Technical description

GROWER S.A. Bagersh Plc.
ORIGIN Ethiopia
AREA Sidamo
QUALITY degree 2, special selection for us (CMI)
VARIETY Typica (100%)
ALTITUDE 1.600-1.900 m
PROCESSING fully washed
DRYING sun-dried on trays
HARVEST November-December

Ethiopia, Sidamo
Name: Sidamo gr. 2 CMI