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El Salvador, Finca San Luis

Finca San Luis

El Salvador SHG, Cordillera del Balsamo

In the district La Libertad, the volcanic mountains are named Balsam Cordillera. Their name comes from the several Peru balsam trees precious until a few years ago, but having now almost lost their commercial value. Nowadays these steep sloped mountains host mainly coffee cultivations whose quality is extremely fine.

The finca San Luis (“finca” is the Spanish word for “estate”) produces one of the best Salvadorian coffee, resulting from the passion of the Angelucci family, the current owners, who, during the last 10 years, have improved its already high quality level, according to the suggestions given by CSC and following the guidelines of the results of the experiments carried out by CSC in their curing works.

More than 75% of the coffee trees growing here belong to the ancient, but delicate, Bourbon variety. The local Pacas variety is cultivated only in the areas stroke by the cold Pacific winds. Only where the cold Pacific winds rages the estate manages to cultivate the local Pacas variety.

This estate is certified by CSC (Certified Speciality Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

At sight, it’s a large screened coffee with an even roasting, almost perfect. Tasted, it turns out to be a well balanced and aromatic coffee (“Salvador smell” is typically detectable), with an intense malty and chocolate aroma, a strong body, mild in acidity, with a pleasant, spicy and remarkably persistent aftertaste. It is particularly indicated if drunk with milk, but also on its own.

Technical description

GROWER Quorum S.A de C.v
ORIGIN El Salvador
AREA La Libertad district, Cordillera del Balsamo (Balsam Mountains)
QUALITY SHG (Strictly High Grown)
VARIETY Bourbon (75%), Paca (20%), Typica (5%)
ALTITUDE 1.250-1.450 m
PROCESSING fully washed
DRYING initially ovendried and finally  sundried
HARVEST from the end of December to middle of February

EL Salvador SHG, Cordillera del Balsamo
Estate name: San Luis