All the quality of Arcaffè for you in single-serve pods.

Our mild blend of fine wet and dry processed arabica coffees in perfect single-servings to enjoy its delicious aromas to the full.
A complete espresso coffee, with the smooth, satisfying aroma of cocoa and caramel and a mild tobacco aftertaste, contained in practical single-serve pods that seal in all the aromas.

An excellent blend of 100% arabica decaffeinated coffees to enjoy the pleasure of a delicate, sweet and aromatic coffee at any time of day, with all the freshness and convenience of single-serve pods containing just the right quantity

Technical information/details

The entire process of dosing, compressing and packing our pods is performed by machines that operate in a protective nitrogen atmosphere.
The material in which the coffee is packed (filter paper) is a special heat-sealing paper which can be disposed of in organic waste containers for recycling.

Bags dimensions and pallet layout

  g/pz oz/pz pz/scatola
Espresso pods 6,90  0,24  144
Decaffeinated espresso pods 7,00 0,25 72 


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arabica 100% Caffeinae
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