CSC Certification

CSC Certification

Producing and selling high quality coffees, defined as Speciality Coffees in the sector, is not sufficient; the criteria to certify them need to be defined.

That is why we promote, together with other roasters, the Certified Specialty Coffee association (CSC) which has strict procedures ensuring every step of the coffee-producing cycle, in order to guarantee and certify the highest quality standard of the world market; all the above mentioned is furthermore guaranteed by the certification ISO 20005 of food chain traceability.

It is why our packaging has a numbered anti-counterfeiting label to certify that the blends inside have been produced using only certified CSC green coffee and that the correct procedures have been used to roast, blend and package them.

The CSC label, which is prominently displayed on all our products, acts as a guarantee for both baristas and end consumers.


Arcaffè is also a Pioneer member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and a supporter member of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE): a further demonstration of our authority in the production of excellent coffee.


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Certificazione CSC
The Technical Committee establishes whether of not a coffee is a “specialty” coffee. 
For every country of production of green coffee, the technical committee establishes the essential characteristics that define its excellence for the purposes of obtaining CSC quality certification, indicating the best growing areas and their ideal altitude, the excellent quality standards and the best period for shipment.
Producers must demonstrate the quality of their crops
Once a year, producers must send the CSC representative samples of their coffee harvest, so that its quality can be assessed.
An unloading check verifies the quality of every batch purchased by members
Every time a member roaster purchases a batch of coffee, CSC takes a sample of it when the ship arrives in port. This is sent to the cuppers who compare it with the previously cupped crop sample. If they confirm that the quality of the two samples is the same, CSC sends the roaster the correct number of labels in proportion to the quantity of coffee purchased.
Those, in brief, are the parameters that a coffee a "special" certified coffee.
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