Fairtrade & Organic

Fairtrade & Organic Certification

The value of sustainability

Fairtrade certification testifies that in the production of our coffee, small local producers in developing countries have been guaranteed an adequate salary and improved living conditions, offering them a margin that allows them to invest in community development projects and sustainable growing techniques.

The result of this commitment is a highly sustainable product, like our Perù CACE Alto Palomar coffee, which unites fair working relationships with safety and an environmentally friendly approach.

These values are also recognized at European level by organic certification.

Before being able to produce coffee that can be sold as organic, our producers have undertaken a long, meticulous process involving a conversion period from traditional to organic agriculture that lasts a minimum of 2 years.

In addition, both our producers and ourselves, because we are directly involved in the transformation of the coffee, have been inspected by the control bodies to ensure product compliance.

This is the procedure we are proud to have followed meticulously and which now allows us to apply the organic certification mark to our Perù CACE Alto Palomar coffee and our customers to rest assured that they are drinking healthy coffee which has not been treated with substances that are harmful for people or the earth.


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Fairtrade & Organic