brazil samambaia

Brazil, Fazenda Samambaia

Fazenda Samambaia

Brazil NY2 17-18, Campos dos Vertentes

This is an unwashed traditional Brazilian coffee grown in an estate associated with and controlled by the BSCA (Brazilian Specialty Coffees Association).

The estate is located in the area called Campos dos Vertentes, in the state of Minas Gerais. The owner, Henrique Cambraia, is one of few growers with an open mind to experimentation. His coffees have been judged in several international competitions as among the best natural coffees produced in Brazil.

This estate is certified by CSC (Certified Speciality Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

It is a well balanced and complex coffee, very different from the panorama of natural Brazilian coffees. Full-bodied and sweet, what strikes most is its degree of non-acidic fragrance. When packed, there is a persistent fragrance and taste of chocolate from opening the packet right through to the aftertaste! Its aroma of dry fruits is uncommon and characteristic.

Technical description

GROWERHenrique Cambraia
AREA“Campos dos Vertentes”, Minas Gerais state,  Sul de Minas region
QUALITYNY 2 (real1), screen 17-18 
VARIETYMundo Novo, Acaià, Catucaì, Bourbon
ALTITUDE1.000-1.100 m
HARVESTend of May-July

Brazil NY2, 17-18, Campos dos Vertentes
Name: Samambaia