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Brazil, Fazenda Lagoa do Morro

Fazenda Lagoa do Morro

Brazil NY2, 17-18, Brejões

This fazenda produces only special fully washed Brazilian coffee. Its quality controller is Silvio Leite, known for being one of the best coffee cuppers in the world.

The Lagoa do Morro hills are shrouded in mist until the sun begins to shine on them. For this reason fazenda Lagoa do Morro is obliged to wash all its production and dry it in ovens.

This estate is certified by CSC (Certified Specialty Coffees).

Peculiar and organoleptic characteristics

It has a remarkable aroma, a sweet character and an amazing body. The persistent aftertaste of dry fruits and almond paste is an unexpected revelation. Sometimes it surprises us with its aroma of flowers.

Technical description

GROWER Fazenda Lagoa do Morro
AREA Brejões, Bahia state
QUALITY NY 2 (real1), screen 17-18
VARIETY Catuaì (60%), Mundo Novo (33%), several (7%)
ALTITUDE 800-920 m
PROCESSING fully washed
DRYING oven dried
HARVEST end of June-beginning of September

  1. “Real” emphasises the fact that this is the effective number of defects present, even though in recent decades this classification has been used commercially to refer to coffees with more defects.

Brazil NY2, 17-18, Brejões
Name: Lagoa do Morro